Options for a crooked front tooth

I’ve got a really crooked front tooth and am wondering what my options are. I’ve heard everything from braces are my only option, which at my age (45) seems ridiculous, to having the tooth pulled and putting a fake one in. What do you recommend?

Paul B.- Chicago


Because it is a front tooth, you want to be very esthetically aware. You have lots of options though. First, straightening your tooth. You don’t have to wear traditional braces. Invisalign works very well with adult teeth. No one would even know you are getting your teeth straightened.

Your second option is to get porcelain veneers. This could fix your front tooth in just two appointments. Here is where I’m meaning to be esthetically aware. You would be getting it on your front tooth, which is very visible. You want to make sure you go to a highly qualified cosmetic dentist. Ask to see samples of similar work that he has done. Plus, if he or she is AACD accredited than they are exceptionally qualified. That is a very difficult process to get through. Another way to find a great cosmetic dentist is by looking on the mynewsmile.com site. They recommend cosmetic dentists by state, but only after examining the quality of their work.

As far as having your tooth pulled, I would not recommend an extraction on a healthy tooth. Keeping your natural teeth is by far the best option. However, if the tooth has major decay, then you could pull the tooth and have a beautifully done dental implant.

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