Pain keeps me from sleeping

I’m having pain in my jaws that is significant enough to keep me from sleeping. I’ve been to my dentist three times over the last few months and he says my teeth are perfectly healthy. I also went to my doctor and he did an x-ray and doesn’t see anything. Can you think of any other issue that could be causing such a large amount of pain? I will say, I have always had moderate, but liveable pain in my jaw. Then I was in a car accident and for some reason the pain has worsened.

Melody H. from Phoenix


I can’t tell anything without examining you, but I do wonder if you’ve ever been checked for TMJ Disorder. It is not something that any dentist can diagnose or treat. It is a diagnosis that is often overlooked. The fact that you’ve always had some pain in your jaw made me suspicious. It would not be uncommon for a trauma, such as your car accident, to tip your pain threshold over the edge.

Please research a dentist before you go. If they don’t have the expertise, you could end up in a worse situation than when you first started. You can look at Dr. Burba’s TMJ Dentist Credentials to get some idea of what you’re looking for.

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