Fixing a large gap between my teeth

I have quite a large gap (about 7-8 mm) between my teeth. I’d like to do Lumineers for this.  If not, what other options do I have aside from braces, which I don’t want.

Andrew K.- Minnesotta


Please don’t use Lumineers to solve this problem. A gap that size is large enough to fit an entire tooth. If that is not done carefully, you could end up looking ridiculous. I’d like to suggest you use Invisalign. I know you don’t want to do braces, but these aren’t at all like traditional braces. They have no wires or brackets and are truly invisable, even at a conversational distance. If you qualify as a candidate, they will close the gap in about half the time as braces.

If you had your heart set on Lumineers because you had more than just the gap you wanted to change, there is a way to work that out. However,  there are some precautions you need to take. First, you need to know that Lumineers are simply a brand of porcelain veneers. There is nothing that special about them. In fact, most artistic cosmetic dentists don’t feel they are the best brand. They tend to be bulky and the coloring materials they use aren’t that great. Lumineers also insists you use their lab, giving the dentist less opportunity to make the Lumineers what they should be.

The most important step is to make sure you get an expert cosmetic dentist to do your procedure. Cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty by the American Dental Association. As a result, there are no training requirements. Any general dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist.  Additionally, patients have little recourse if things go awry. For instance, if you get a hideous set of veneers, but your bite functions, you’re stuck with them.

This won’t be an issue with an expert cosmetic dentist.  Not only will they be able to get the best brand and materials for your smile makeover, but they’ll also be able to make sure your smile is absolutely gorgeous  before the veneers are permanently bonded onto your teeth. In fact, many cosmetic dentists have a beautiful smile guarantee. I would look for a dentist who is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

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Straightening teeth without braces

I have teeth that buck out. I am too old to wear braces and wondered if snap-on smile will work in my case. What do you think?

Miriam- Brooklyn


Snap-on smile can make someone’s teeth look straight, but in your case I don’t think it would work.  Because your teeth are sticking out, it will only make them look bulkier.  You didn’t mention a budget, but there is a solution you can do that won’t require wearing traditional braces.

If you actually want to straighten your teeth, I would suggest Invisalign. This straightens your teeth in about half the time of braces, but they are invisible to those around you. You’ll wear clear aligners on your teeth that cannot be seen even at a conversational distance.

This blog is brought to you by Boston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.