I need the “best” dentist

I have a real problem. I had two crowns placed. Once they were done, I hated the color. It just didn’t match my other teeth. I mentioned this to my dentist. He told me he didn’t agree and that the color looked fine to him.

I was pretty angry.  I was spending a lot of money and it’s not like these crowns were hidden in the back of my mouth and wouldn’t matter. These crowns are in the front of my mouth. Right now I don’t even want to smile. What I need to know is how I can find out who is the best dentist in my area.


Allysa- Brookfield, IL


Your experience is not uncommon. Most dentists get into their field because they like to fix things.  What you need is a dentist who not only is good at fixing things, but also has an artistic eye. At the very least, you want your teeth to match.

Unfortunately, there is no objective measurement to determine who is the best dentist in your area (or any area). In your particular case, you want to find a dentist who is also skilled in cosmetic dentistry. The surest way of guaranteeing you’ve got an artistic and technically skilled cosmetic dentist is to find someone who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

In order to reach accreditation level, dentists have to pass a stringent exam as well as demonstrate their artistry by showing samples of cosmetic work they’ve done that meets the AACD’s qualifications.

This blog is brought to you by Boston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.

Medical insurance and TMJ

I’ve been having a lot of pain and clicking in my jaw, as well as severe headaches.  I suspect it is TMJ. Will my medical insurance cover TMJ treatment?  How will I find a dentist who does it?

Jeannette K.- Indiana


Many people think that because TMJ causes legitimate medical issues, such as headaches. However, medical insurance companies generally put a disclaimer that says they will not cover anything dental related.

You want to find a TMJ dentist, but not just any TMJ Dentist. You want to be sure they have great post-graduate training in TMJ. For example, Dr. Burba has studied at the Dawson Academy as well as training under Dr. Frank Spear and other institutes.

This blog is brought to you by Boston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.