Getting rid of my “British teeth”

I am going to be living in the United States for at least six years on a job contract. I overheard someone saying, “Brits really do have bad teeth.” after they met me.  It was humiliating. They didn’t say it to me, which was thoughtful, but I heard it and it was humiliating. I’d like to fix my teeth without being obvious about it. My teeth are crooked and (compared to American teeth) stained.  Tell me there is some kind of American miracle tooth cure.

Nigel- San Diego, CA


I’m sorry for your experience. Sometimes the insensitivity of people is absolutely astounding.  There isn’t an American miracle cure, but I do have some suggestions.

If your concerned about straightening your teeth, without drawing attention to the fact, then I would see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign.

The next step would be to whiten your teeth. It is possible to do that simultaneously, using your invisalign aligners as whitening trays.

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My dentist put implants in my sinus cavity

I had dental implants placed. Ever since I had been having problems with my sinuses. I went to my doctor and had an x-ray done. It turns out that my dentist placed one of my implants into my sinuses. What do I do?

Mary Ellen P. – Denver, CO

Mary Ellen,

I’m sorry for your experience. Unfortunately, we have seen this before. There are many unqualified dentists who are doing dental implants.

Some people do OK, but others have serious complications. If you’re having problems already I would have them removed.

Dental Implants really are the best tooth replacement option, but they have to be done by someone qualified.  You’ll need to see a different dentist.  Look for someone who has had significant post graduate training in dental implants.

This blog is brought to you by Salem, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.