Why go with expensive dental implants?

My dentist thinks I should get dental implants. They are quite pricey.  There is another dentist in our area who does them several thousand dollars cheaper. I understand my dentist has more “extra” training in implants, but it is really worth the extra expense?

Rachel S. – Amityville, NY


I know it may seem like you can save a lot of money by going with the other dentist, but that extra training your dentist is referring to that your current dentist has is extremely important. There are a lot of dentists who give huge discounts because they don’t have the training and experience.  However, dental implants require advanced techniques.

There are many horror stories of people who’ve had not just dental implant failure, but serious complications from an inexperienced. In fact, I recently had someone write about a dentist who actually place the implants into her nasal cavity.  This of course, ended up costing her far more money, time, and health issues than if she had gone to a better qualified dentist to begin with.

That being said, if the other dentist has equal qualifications, then there is nothing wrong with saving some money.

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My dentist thinks I’m an idiot

There is nothing I deplore more than being talked down to. My dentist and I have always gotten on generally well. However, since I’ve had a child, I’ve done more research….well, let’s say a neurotic amount of research. My daughter needs a filling. I want a composite filling for her, not a silver filling. My dentist insists they are inferior to silver fillings. I know they’re not, but it’s more than that. He treated me like some idiot.  Do you have a recommendation on how to convince him?

Shari D. – Washington


I’ll be honest. I think this isn’t the best dentist for your family. You really want someone who listens to you. Plus, you’re right, his information is inacurate. However, I suspect he really knows better, but isn’t comfortable placing them. He’d never admit that, so he tries to make you feel like you know less than he does.

Don’t force the issue. If he’s uncomfortable with the procedure, he’s likely not to do it well.  You’ll need to find a dentist that is more comfortable listening to you. You might also want to ask ahead of time if they’re a mercury free dentist. That will ensure that you’re able to get your daughter composite fillings.

This blog is brought to you by Salem, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.