My crowns are messing up my teeth

I got three dental crowns. From the beginning I was worried something was right. My teeth were no longer meeting up.  That felt weird. But now my teeth seem to be shifting. Could these crowns be messing up my teeth or am I imagining things?

Deb. – Park City,


Your instincts are right. Your teeth were suppossed to touch their opposing teeth. If your dentist got that wrong, then it is likely that he got some other occlusion issues wrong.

What that means is your teeth are no longer going to line up properly and that is why you feel your teeth are moving. This will likely lead to TMJ and needs to be dealt with immediately.

It’s obvious your dentist doesn’t understand occlusion. Because of that you’ll need to find a dentist that is experienced in treating TMJ.

Look for someone who studied with Dr. Speer, the Dawson  Academy, or LVI.

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Two serious denture problems

I need some help.  I’ve had dentures for a while. They’ve always been a little uncomfortable, but recently they’ve been impossible. I’ve been getting sores and they’ve been slipping out at extremely embarassing times. I’ve also developed what seems to be white, bumpy, itchy infection under the top arch of dentures. What do I do?

Evette E. – Aberdeen, MD


You’ll have to bear in mind that I haven’t examined you, so I am only going on the few things you’ve mentioned. Don’t treat this as an official diagnosis. You’ll want to be examined.

Based on what you’ve said, I think you’ve got a two-fold problem.  If you’re seeing what seems like a yeast infection under your top arch.  It’s called denture induced stomatitis.  It is sometimes caused by ill-fitting dentures.  Whatever the cause, it needs to be treated. You may also need an anti-fungal for your dentures.

The second issue is also a result of poorly fitted dentures. However, that isn’t because your dentist made them improperly. Instead, you’lre likely getting toward the late stage of facial collapse.

The best way to prevent facial collapse is with dental implants. I know they are pretty pricey. If those are out of your budget, it isn’t hopeless. Snap on dentures can help you retain some jawbone. It will also keep your dentures from falling out ever again.

I’d get in to see your dentist, quickly becuase of the infection, and let him or her know what is going on.

This blog is brought to you by Salem, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.