Can my dentist really refuse to give me dental implants?

My dentist said if I don’t quit smoiking that he won’t give me dental implants. Can he really do that? Isn’t it my body and my decision?

Chuck S. – West Virginia


If you wanted to hire a contractor to add a room to your house and insisted he use termite infested wood, wouldn’t he refuse?  The wood would never hold up.  The same principle applies when  you’re a smoker with dental implants.

Even under ideal conditions, dental implants are a difficult procedure.  When everything is done right, there can still be dental implant failure.  A dentist would not want to start off at a disadvantage.

When you smoke, it affects the blood supply in your gums.  This in turn makes healing more difficult, which could lead to your implants not taking.

While it is your body, your dentist is responsible for your procedure and wants to make sure it has the best chance of success.

If you want this dentist, then you’ll need to quit smoking.  Otherwise, you can call around and find a dentist who is willing to do the procedure anyway.  Just make sure you research that dentist and are sure he or she is truly qualified for such a difficult, advanced procedure.

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About to choose my first dentist

I’m graduated college and my new job is halfway across the country from my hometown.  I won’t be able to pop home for a quick visit any more and see my old dentist. So, it is time for me to pick my own. Do you have any advice for me?

Isabella- Denver


Congrats on starting a new life! This is an exciting time for you. I’m impressed you’re already thinking of how important it is to get a dentist.

Finding the best dentist for you depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want someone who chats or just gets business done?

Do you want a general dentist for just the basics or are you hoping for someone that does cosmetic dentistry also?

For the first couple of choices, you can tell that just by your first consultory visit.  The second two choices are a little more involved.  For cosmetic work, you want to make sure they’re not just highly trained, but artistic as well.  Knowing how to do the procedure and getting beautiful results are two different things.  Your best bet is to find someone who is accredited (not just a member) with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

It’s worth it to drive to the next town if you need to for cosmetic work to get someone accredited. Though, in your case, you won’t have to.

Hope this helps.

This blog is brought to you by Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.