Straightening your teeth secretly?

I’ve wanted to get my teeth straightened since I was a pre-teen. My parents couldn’t afford braces, then after I grew up, I couldn’t afford them. I’m finally in a place where I can get braces, but don’t fancy a metal mouth at my age. A friend mentioned there is a secret way to straighten your teeth where there’s no metal. Is that true?

Georgia L. – Illinois


Your friend is right. Adults (and even teenagers) no longer have to wear metal braces. You can straighten your smile with invisible aligners using the Invisalign system.

These are clear aligners that can’t be seen on your teeth, even at a conversational distance. You can get them from an orthodontist, or even a general dentist.

Invisalign has a high patient satisfaction rate because of the comfort and speed of the treatment.

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My doctor is shoving me off to a dentist

I’ve been feeling poorly for a while. My white blood cell count is up.  My dentist ran a bunch of tests, but didn’t find anything.  Now, after my spending thousands of dollars,  my doc is telling me there is nothing else he can do and he thinks he needs to see a dentist. Is he just passing off his problem (or my problem in this case? I told him I didn’t have a dentist and he said to find one.

Selena T. – New Mexico


Your doctor isn’t the only one to send their patients to the dentist for an unknown illness, and with good reason. I realize you’re feeling abandoned, but it will likely solve a lot of your problems.  You can have an abscessed tooth without having any significant pain.

A tooth infection can cause you to feel flu-like.  It can also raise your white blood cell count.  So, it’s at least a problem to eliminate.

I realize you don’t have a dentist, but you can call an emergency dentist and explain what has been going on.  Most of them will get you in quickly. Some the same day.

You’ll be surprised how often this ends up solving medical problems.

This blog is brought to you by Salem,MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.