My Porcelain Veneers Are Stained

I’m thrilled with the way porcelain veneers have improved my smile. I have a new found confidence. People even stop me on the streets and in stores to tell me they love my smile. I get happy all over just thinking about it. I’m a little confused though. My dentist told me they’d last at least ten years, but more likely even more than that. It’s only been seven months and they’ve already started picking up stains. I thought they were supposed to be stain resistant.

Elena K. – Manhattan


The information you were given is correct. Porcelain veneers are very stain resistant. Even more so than your natural teeth. And, yes, that should last many years.  The fact that your veneers are picking up stains so quickly tells me they’ve been damaged in some way.

If you’re only seeing stains in areas like little scratches, that might lead me to believe it’s the toothpaste you’re using. Whitening toothpastes are very abrasive and can put micro-scratches on porcelain, which would allow it to pick up stains. Your dentist should have warned you and told you the best way to care for them.

A great toothpaste to use when you have cosmetic work done is Supersmile. It’s specifically formulated for the porcelain you find in veneers and crowns.

If the stains are all over then it’s possible, during your six-month cleaning, the hygienist used something like a prophy jet or another type of power polishing equipment. Though many hygienists are trained to deal with cleaning porcelain veneers, this one maybe hasn’t been, or she could have just forgotten you had veneers placed. This will take the glaze completely off. You’ll notice the staining is all over and not just in micro scratches.

If that’s the case, your dentist should be willing to replace them, as they caused the damage.

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Tooth Broke Off Denture

While cleaning the denture for my top arch, I dropped it in my bathroom sink. One of the “teeth” broke off of it. The lone tooth is still fully intact. Is there a way for my to just reattach it myself?

Jolie F. – Louisiana


Many things are DIY friendly. Denture repairs are not one of them. First, it’s unlikely you’d be able to get it in the exact right position. An ill-fitting denture can cause painful irritation and even cause you to develop sores.

Also, what will you use to bond it?  How will you be certain that you won’t put something toxic or damaging to your dentures?

The best course of action is to bring it back to your dentist and let them handle the repairs.  If your dentist cannot make the repair himself, their office will send it back to the lab, and work with them to repair it at minimal cost.

Try not to panic; these things happen all the time. Remember, an apparently simple fix, may not be that simple and is often done incorrectly. In this case, you want the professional repair! It will save you money in the long run.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Randall Burba.

Whitening Teeth with Dental Implants

I have two dental implants. I am glad I had the procedure done. I feel like I have my natural teeth back. Lately, I’ve been noticing how dingy my teeth look. I think the color is aging me. I’d really love to get my teeth whitened, but don’t want to damage my implants. Is there a special procedure for whitening your teeth with dental implants?

Nicci R. – Arizona


Dental implants are fantastic. You’re completely on spot regarding them feeling like natural teeth. That’s because of the root form that’s implanted into your jawbone.

Yes, yellowed or dingy teeth can age our appearance. In fact, one of the easiest things you can do to remake your smile is to whiten them. It makes you look years younger.

Getting your teeth whitened will not harm your dental implants. So that’s not a problem. Unfortunately, they won’t whiten either. Cosmetic work is made up of material that is impervious to the whitening gel. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your teeth whitened, though.

The solution is to replace the implant crown to match your new whitened smile.  You don’t have to replace the entire implant. Just the crown, so it won’t take long at all.

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Who’s the Best Dentist to Do Porcelain Veneers?

If I want to get a great smile. How do I know who’s the best dentist for porcelain veneers?

Kevin C. – Maryland


I’m glad you’re asking about this before just going to your family dentist for treatment.  Most patients don’t know that cosmetic dentistry isn’t a recognized specialty. That means any general dentist, no matter how much or little training they have in cosmetic procedures can call themselves a cosmetic dentist.

If you want a guaranteed gorgeous smile, then the best dentist to go to is one who is accredited with the American Academy fo Cosmetic Dentistry. Accreditation is different than membership.  To get accredited you have to pass stringent tests both written and oral, as well as demonstrate your artistic ability in a variety of sample cases that the dentist performed on actual patients.

It’s worth it even if you have to drive to a nearby city to get to one. If you’re going to invest the money, you might as well get the most skilled, artistic dentist to create your new smile.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Randall Burba.