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Insurance for Crowns

I need to get three crowns. I told my dentist I want an all porcelain crowns. He preferred porcelain with metal bases, but said he’d be willing to do an Empress crown.  My insurance says it will pay $350/crown.– for the crowns, but my dentist said it will be over $1000.– per crown. Is this correct?!

Dana S.- Austin, TX


Yes, your dentist is giving you a reasonable price quote. In fact, $1000.00 per crown is on the low end of a crown fee.  Dental insurance does not work like medical insurance. Generally, with medical insurance, the higher the cost of the procedure, the more the insurance is helpful to you. With dental insurance it is different. They are in business to make money. The more the procedure costs, the more you’ll have to pay.

I would like to address one other thing. You mentioned you told your dentist you would like all-porcelain crowns, but he preferred the porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. While you have a right to have the type of crown you prefer, it may be wiser for you to go to another dentist  for the procedure. You’re taking a huge chance pushing your dentist into a procedure he is not comfortable doing. All-porcelain crowns require very sophisticated bonding techniques that if not done properly will cause you a lot of problems.

It doesn’t mean you cannot go to your dentist for other procedures that he is qualified to do. But, you need to go somewhere else for the crowns  you want.

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