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A Healthy Smile with Lupus

Ever since my lupus has gone active, my teeth have become a mess. I have had to have several fillings and a dental crown. The crown is on my front tooth and I read whenever you have dental work Supersmile toothpaste is the right toothpaste. Will it also help my regular teeth are do I need to brush wtih two different types of toothpaste?


Dear Diana,

I am sorry you are having to go through this. For those who are unfamiliar with this, Lupus is a horrible disease that effects every system in your body. Essentially your immune system goes haywire and your body starts to fight itself.

Your oral health is greatly impacted along with the rest of your body. According to, oral lesions occur in 40% of people with Lupus. These mouth ulcers can lead to oral cancer. If that weren’t enough, 100% of patients with Lupus have tooth decay and they are more likley to develop TMJ Disorder. Fun, right?

This means regular dental care is essential if you want any shot at healhty teeth and gums. The good news for you is that you seem to be staying on top of things. It is great that you are using Supersmile toothpaste. This removes stains without using any abrasives, that will destroy the protective glaze on your dental work.

There is no need to use more than one toothpaste. It is equally able to clean your natural tooth structure and even contains an appropriate amount of fluoride, which will help prevent decay.

One thing you will want to be aware of to protect your dental crown along with any other dental work you have is actually your dental cleaning appointments.

You do not want your hygienist to use anything like acidulated fluoride or a power prophy jet during the cleaning process. Both of these, while excellent tools for natural teeth, will damage or completely remove the glazing on your dental crown. As mentioned above, the glazing is what protects them from picking up stains.

Unfortunately, if your dental work does pick up stains, they will have to be replaced. Some patients are under the mistaken impression that they can just have teeth whitening done, but that isn’t the case. Even professional teeth whitening will only work on natural tooth structure.

One other bit of counsel. Make sure your fillings are mercury-free composite fillings. Your immune system has enough going on and is already in overdrive. You don’t want it reacting to the mercury, which it may perceive as an enemy to your body because of its toxic properties. Having white fillings placed should prevent that.

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