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My dentures fell out during a presentation

Can you please help me? I had the most mortifying experience. I was giving a presentation at work. Right in the middle of it, my dentures fell out!  Is there a way to keep that from ever happening again? I do not want to return to the office.

Sylvia – Pennsylvania


I’m am very sorry to learn of your experience. I am sure you wanted to dig a hole and sneak away. It’s not hard to imagine you don’t want to return. I can tell you there is definiely a way to keep this from happening again.

We have something called snap-on dentures.  This isn’t quite as invasive a procedure as getting dental implants, but it has a lot of the same benefits.

The one you’ll be most interested in is the fact that they will keep your dentures in your mouth. Your dentures will be snapped to your gums. It would take something intentional to get them off. It’s not impossible that it could happen accidentally, but it is very unlikely.

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