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How Do I Touch Up My Whitening Before Getting a Dental Crown

I have to get a dental crown on a front tooth. Because I read the color is permanent, I’d like to touch up my teeth. I had them whitened a few years ago and they’ve been picking up stains again recently. I asked my dentist for some extra whitening gel, but he couldn’t give me an idea of how often and long to use the gel to get my teeth back where they were.. Are there any standards for this?


Dear Meagan,

Teeth Bleaching Trays

I’m a little concerned your dentist could not advise you on this. The principles of teeth whitening are fairly simple. It is the easiest cosmetic procedure dentists do. Given his inability to answer this question, I have serious doubts he’ll be able to provide you with a dental crown on a front tooth that looks natural and matches the adjacent tooth.

Crowns of front teeth are much more difficult because of how directly the light hits them. It takes an expert cosmetic dentist to do them beautifully. If you want to stay with this dentist for your dental crown, make sure he uses a temporary try-in paste when your crown is ready and allows you to see it in several types of lighting. If you don’t like how it looks, he needs to re-do it. Don’t let him bond it on.

You may be better served by finding a different dentist to do your crown. The best cosmetic dentists are accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry.

How Much Teeth Whitening?

As to how much teeth whitening, the principle is fairly easy. The longer you wear the whitening gel, the faster it will whiten. If you’re in a hurry, I suggest wearing it overnight. First, that allows it to stay on your teeth longer. Second, your saliva production goes down at night which means there will be less dilution.

If you prefer wearing it during the day, that’s fine too. Just wear it for as long as you comfortably can.

The one hard and fast rule here is once your reach the level of whitening you are happy with and you are done with the whitening gel , you want to give it a week for the color to settle before having the color of your crown matched to it.

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Whitening and Veneers

Hi again,

I wrote you back in January about my discolored front tooth. I’ve decided to go with the porcelain veneers. But, as I’ve been thinking about it, I think I want to get the rest of my teeth whitened. Should I do the veneer first or the whitening first?

Nancy G. -Alabama


Under normal circumstances you would always do the teeth whitening process before adding anything like porcelain veneers or dental bonding. The reason for that is you want your dentist to match your new cosmetic work to the brighter white color you’ll obtain with whitening. Otherwise your teeth will be mismatched.

I remember your case. You had a discolored tooth from a root canal and were worried about whitening weakening your tooth. Remember to find a dentist that knows how to bleach the crown of the tooth and leave your root untouched.

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Discolored Root Canal Tooth

I had to get a root canal about two years ago because of an inflamed nerve. The tooth has turned an ugly yellow color, which is making me very self conscious. My dentist told me that whitening it will weaken the tooth. What are my options?

Nancy G.- Alabama


Ideally, it would have been best to prevent the discoloration to begin with, though this is not your fault. Many dentists aren’t aware that if you carefully remove all root canal filling materials and cements from the inside of the crown of the tooth, the tooth won’t discolor for maybe ten years. We are seeing cases, where the dentists didn’t do this and discoloration is starting even within the first year.

However, now you’re stuck with this discolored tooth, so let’s figure out your options. Your first option is teeth whitening. If you bleach only the crown of the tooth, and prevent it from getting to the root, then your teeth will not be weakened, but you’ll have to make sure ahead of time your dentist knows how to accomplish that.

Your next options are to either get a porcelain crown or a porcelain veneer. I am guessing you’d want the more conservative treatment. In this case, as long as there are no large fillings in the tooth, that would be porcelain veneers. They will actually leave the tooth stronger. You would only need one veneer, unless there are other things you want to change about your smile. A dentist may try to suggest there really needs to be two of them, but that is not the case and reflects a lack of confidence on  the dentists part of how to match the color and translucency.

If there are other issues with the tooth, such as fillings, then it might be preferable to do a crown. With porcelain crowns, you have to shave the tooth down quite a bit, so if the tooth is otherwise healthy, this would be my last choice.

With either of the last two options, you’ll want to make sure to go to an expert cosmetic dentist. Matching another front tooth, and making it look natural takes a lot of artistic talent and technical expertise. Don’t just entrust this to your average family dentist.

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