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Crown Feels Weird

I had an upper molar crowned. It doesn’t quite feel right. It’s like it is too big for the tooth under it. They hit together before all my other teeth and it hurts. My dentist said to give it some time and I will get used to how a crown feels. It is my first dental crown so maybe this is what happens. However, it has been over two weeks and it still hurts. Would it damage the crown to maybe shorten it so they don’t hit together so soon?


Dear Lindsey,

Your dentist’s statement, “Give it time and you’ll get used to how a crown feels” is dental code for he has no idea how to fix this and he is hoping you will just clam up about it.

The reality is when a dental crown is done properly, you should not notice it at all. This includes when you are chewing. It should mesh perfectly with your natural teeth. It is fairly normal for some adjustments to need to be made to a new crown, but it seems like your dentist isn’t aware of the procedures to do this.

So what will happen if you don’t get it adjusted? Well, maybe nothing. Maybe you will “get used to it”. Or, maybe if this is left without adjustment, it can lead to serious problems, such as TMJ Disorder.

Most dentists would adjust the crown and have you bite on some registration paper to see where the teeth are not occluding properly. If your dentist hasn’t done that, then he is further behind in his field than I expected.

Don’t push him into doing something he isn’t comfortable with. It will end up worse than your original issue. You could go to another dentist to have this adjusted. You could ask for a refund and have the crown re-done elsewhere.

If you are otherwise happy with your dentist, you could stay with him for your general care, such as cleanings and checkups and then go elsewhere when some other procedure comes up. Another option is to switch dentists completely. The best dentists keep up learning and train in the new technologies and advancements that are made in their field. Your current dentist has not even mastered the basics yet, so I wouldn’t expect too much from him.

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