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Dental Bonding Doesn’t Match

I had a chipped tooth and had it repaired by my dentist but the color does not match at all. You can tell he added something onto the tooth for repair. I have a few questions. One, should I go back to the same dentist to have him re-do it? Two, if I do use the same dentist, should he charge me for the color? Finally, would I just be better off finding a different dentist who can make this look right?


Dear Susan,

Before and After Dental Bonding-

As you can see from the image above, dental bonding can look completely natural and you should not settle for anything less. Here is my advice. First, I would suggest giving your dentist one more chance at this. It may be a skill he’s been learning and we all have to develop new skills.

Dental bonding in particular is a difficult skill. It has to be done freehand. When you have him re-do it make sure he understands that if it doesn’t match this time, you would like a refund but you wanted to give him a chance to get it right.

As to your second question, no, you should not have to pay to have him repair the color. Part of what you paid for originally was dental bonding that blended with your natural tooth structure. He should understand that.

Finally, if it doesn’t work out or he does not even want to try again, that is when you should get your refund and go to a more experienced cosmetic dentist.

The best cosmetic dentists are AACD accredited. Though, not every state will necessarily have an accredited dentist nearby. If you can’t find one, the dentists listed on mynewsmile.com are excellent as well.

By the way, if you want to whiten your teeth, the time to do it is now before you have the repair redone. I’d talk to your dentist about that as well. This way the bonding can match the whiter color. It will not whiten after it is bonded.

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