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Dental Bonding Won’t Stay On

I’m having some trouble with my dental bonding and need to know how to handle this. I have fluorosis stains and went to my dentist to have dental bonding done as a repair. I was not too thrilled with the results because you could still see the stains underneath and I paid for this so the stains wouldn’t show anymore. A few hours later the bonding fell off. I was rescheduled for a few days later and they re-did it. This time I asked them to cover the stains a little better. They made the bonding thicker, but again it fell off, this time a few days later. My dentist said I should not expect bonding to be permanent, but the way he talked about it at first it should last a few years, not a few days, especially for the cost. Is there a way I can get a refund? What is the best way for me to treat these stains?


Dear Marv,

I think I can help you here. First, for the benefit of those reading who may not know what fluorosis stains are, I’ll go over that briefly. Fluorosis stains happen when a child consumes too much fluoride while their teeth are still developing.

Mild Fluorosis Stains

Mild fluorosis stains manifest as white spots (pictured above). Sometimes there are just a few white spots and those patients may not feel there is any need for treatment. Though, if they are numerous it can give the teeth a mottled look which may make a patient want some form of treatment for them.

Heavier Fluorosis Stains

With the more severe fluorosis staining, you will see brown spots and patches develop (pictured directly above). I have yet to meet a patient who did not want this treated.

Treating Fluorosis Stains

You have a couple of options to improve the appearance of these teeth. The first is dental bonding. It can work when a dentist knows what they are doing. In general, fluorosis stains are superficial so the staining can be gently ground away and that structure replaced with the dental bonding. However, your dentist is in over his head. We’ll talk about how to get a refund and find the right dentist in just a moment. First, I want to talk about a second option you have.

Dental bonding does last for several years (again, when done right), but you may want sometime a bit more permanent. In that case, I would look at porcelain veneers. These are tiny wafers of porcelain that can fit over the front of your teeth. When well cared for they can last a lifetime.

Getting This Done Right

Often, when you want a refund for cosmetic work it is difficult to get simply because you don’t like the way it looks. It may seem crazy, but it works to your benefit that the bonding keeps falling off. A basic standard of dental care, whether it is cosmetic or not is that it actually stays on your teeth.

I would simply ask for a refund. If he says no, let him know you will be going to both the dental board and your insurance company. That should sober him up.

Once you secure your money, I want you to do a search for an AACD accredited dentist in your area. These are the top cosmetic dentists in the country and will give you a stunning smile you will be proud to share.

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