Illustration of a dental implant

My dentist wants to remove my new implant

After three consultations with implant dentists, I chose the wrong one. After implant surgery, he told me that the bone was shallower than he thought. But he still placed the implants.

A month later, my dentist took an x-ray and said the implant was not healing correctly, so he wanted to remove it. He said that we could talk about other options, but a dental bridge is one of them.

The implant is not hurting, and I am very careful not to disturb it, so I asked my dentist for time to think about it. That was two weeks ago. I still do not know what to do, but I know that I want an implant. What are my options? – Thank you. Malcom from NJ


Thank your question. We are sorry to hear about your experience with your implant dentist. We are sure that it is frustrating. However, you can get the care you need.

If Your Dentist Places an Implant in Low Bone Volume

Illustration of a dental implant
A dental implant needs enough bone to fuse

If your dentist places an implant in low volume, it probably means that they did not take three-dimensional x-rays before your surgery. The x-rays would reveal that your bone is too shallow for implants and prevent healing. Still, your dentist should not have proceeded with the surgery.

Your dentist is responsible in several ways:

  • Breached the standard of care
  • Put you at risk for infection and trauma
  • Performed faulty surgery
  • Inconvenienced you because you must seek additional care

What to Do If Your Implant Failed Due to Dentist’s Negligence

If your dental implant failed due to your dentist’s negligence, you should demand a refund. If your dentist resists, you can do several things:

  • Report the issue to the state dental board
  • Hire a malpractice attorney
  • Get a second opinion from an advanced implant dentist and use the evaluation and proof of your dentist’s negligence.

Is It Too Late for a Dental Implant?

If your dental implant failed because your dentist placed it in low bone volume, it is not too late to replace it. However, a skilled implant will need to remove your loose implant, perform bone grafting surgery, and wait for three to four months for it to heal. Afterward, you can get an implant.

Best wishes for a smooth resolution.

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