Is My Dentist’s Recommendation for a Cavity too Aggressive?

My dentist recommends a treatment that I think is aggressive, but I need another opinion. If a porcelain veneer tooth has a cavity, is removing the veneer, fixing the cavity, and replacing the veneer with a crown the right thing to do?  I asked my dentist to give me some time to think about it, but something about this doesn’t seem right. – Thanks for your help. Gabrielle from GA


Thank you for your question.

Although one of our dentists would need to examine your tooth and x-rays for an accurate diagnosis, we can provide general information.

Matching crowns and veneers

Few dentists can achieve a perfect match with crowns and veneers. Advanced cosmetic dentistry training is required to get natural-looking results.

Cavity size can affect treatment options

A crown might be necessary if a cavity is so large that much of the tooth structure would be lost when preparing the tooth. A dentist may not preserve enough tooth structure to create a secure bond between a porcelain veneer and the tooth. Other dentists might find ways to build up the tooth and restore it.

Porcelain veneer

If you have porcelain veneers and want to keep them, it is essential to understand the skill level between a general or family dentist and a cosmetic dentist. Family dentists are skilled at regular maintenance. But cosmetic dentists have advanced training and artistic talent. It is unreasonable to expect a family dentist to achieve beautiful results and restore your veneer if they lack the training.

We recommend scheduling a second opinion with an advanced cosmetic dentist to examine your porcelain veneer tooth and x-rays.

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