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Did Dentist Damaged My Porcelain Veneers

I had six porcelain veneers made. I liked them but noticed a small scratch on one. I called the office and he had me come in the next day. He did something to get the scratch out of it. It looked fine at first, but then I noticed the next day (why is it always the next day instead of in the office?) that the spot where he removed the scratch is a bit less dull than the rest of the tooth. I’m worried this part is somehow damaged. Will this be a problem?


Dear Karlie,

porcelain veneer being placed on a tooth

Yes, this is a problem. It sounds like your dentist removed the scratch by simply grinding down the veneer and removing the glaze with it. This is quite an amateur move on his part and it leaves your porcelain veneer susceptible to staining in that one spot.

The glaze is what protects your porcelain veneers from picking up stains. This needs to be repaired. Your dentist has two choices at this point:

  • His first option is he can polish the veneer where he damaged the glaze in order to restore it. However, this requires some equipment he may not have. We’ll talk about how he can do this in a moment if this is what he chooses.
  • His second option is simply replacing the damaged porcelain veneers at his expense. This is costly, so my guess is he’ll choose the polishing option.

Polishing a Damaged Porcelain Veneer

What I recommend he gets if he doesn’t already have the equipment is Brasseler’s Dialite porcelain polishing system. He will start off with a polishing paste, but then will need to end with the ultra-fine diamond polishing paste.

Often family dentists just dabble in cosmetic dentistry so they have some basic skills and not the expertise needed to do a fantastic job.

It sounds like you are at least happy with the look of your porcelain veneers before he damaged them. Others aren’t so fortunate. We’ve had quite a few new patients in our office who came in simply because their dentist provided them a disastrous smile makeover and they needed the entire thing re-done by a more experienced dentist. Even worse, it is totally up to the dentist whether or not they are willing to provide a refund.

If you have a friend who is also wanting a smile makeover, you would be a great friend to them by recommending they go to an AACD accredited cosmetic dentist to have theirs done. I guarantee the results will be stunning. These are the dentists who have invested in a lot of cosmetic training and have developed their artistry and technique.

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