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Dingy Invisalign Solution

My sister’s Invisalign is still sparkling clean and looks completely invisible. Mines getting dingy. What am I doing worng?


Dear Cath,

Clear Invisalgin Aligner
Keeping Invisalign Sparkling is Simple

I’m glad you wrote. No one wants a dingy smile. Plus, your Invisalign is designed to be unseen. I’m going to give you four tips which will help you keep them sparkling clean.

Never Use Toothpaste on Invisialign

Toothpaste, especially whitening toothpastes, are too abrasive for your Invisalign aligners. Using that will cause tiny scratches on your aligners. Those scratches will begin to pick up stains, which could by the cause of your dinginess.

When you received your first aligners, your dentist should have provided you with an Invisalign cleaning kit. That’s what you’ll use to clean them. If your dentist neglected that, call your office and request one. In the meantime, you can give them a brush using a very soft toothbrush with a baking soda and water mixture. This is gentle enough to not damage them.

No Smoking or Vaping with your Invisalign In

While most patients know not to eat with their aligners in, some don’t realize that smoking or vaping can rapidly stain them. If you happen to have one of these habits and you can’t just quit, make sure you take your aligners out before indulging.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

What is left on your teeth after a meal, will soak into your aligners. It is important you brush and floss after every meal before placing your Invisalign back in your mouth. If you don’t, that traps bacteria in there making you a strong candidate for decay.

DIY Disinfectant

It wouldn’t hurt to give them a good soak every once in a while. You don’t have to do it regularly, but seeing as they’re having some issues, you want to make sure you get rid of any lurking bacteria at least this once.

An easy DIY solution for this is peroxide and warm water. Use a 50/50 mixture to loosen the stains. Then rinse them out. If you’re still worried about bacteria, you can do the same thing with vinegar and water, just don’t leave them in the mixture more than about 10-15 minutes because vinegar is acidic. Also, make sure you’re using white vinegar.

Give these a try and enjoy getting those beautiful, straight teeth.
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