Don’t want the problems of dentures

I am losing my teeth. I don’t want the problems of dentures, but I can’t afford dental implants. What do you suggest? Am I just stuck?

Delores D. – Milwaukee


You’re in a tough spot, but there is a decent solution.  You could get snap on dentures.  When you’re losing your teeth, you’ll want a full set of implants, but if you can’t do that you can get as few as two implants placed onto the snap on dentures. It will keep them in place and solve many of the problems that come wtih dentures.

Dental implants are still the best option. If you decide you’ll still want implants, they’ll be possible in the future.  This will give you some of the time you need to save up for them.  Or, you may decide the snap on dentures are perfectly satisfactory and stick with them.

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