Did the Emergency Dentist Damage My Tooth?

I had a toothache and went to an emergency dentist. He did an x-ray and didn’t see a problem, though he said he suspected a tooth was cracked. He did a crown. I’m done with that and now, lo and behold the tooth next to it is suddenly gray. Did he damage it when he did the crown?

Justin L. – Nevada


Before we address possible causes, I want to address the gray tooth. This tooth is either dead or dying. It needs treatment right away before it blows into a full blown infection. Don’t put this off. If you don’t trust this dentist, find another emergency dentist.

As for what happened, there are a few possibilities.

The first possibility is a misdiagnosis. It could have been the tooth hurting you all along. Your other tooth, the one that was crowned, could have referred pain. If you have another dentist look at the x-rays and they say it was a clear misdiagnosis, you could get a refund for the crown.

Another possibility is both teeth were injured simultaneously. Maybe when you traumatized the cracked tooth, you also injured the adjacent tooth, but it died slowly.

A third possibility is they are two completely separate injuries that happened at different times. That’s not the most likely, but is always  a possibility.

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