Why Would An Emergency Dentist Remove Most of A Child’s Teeth?

I read this horrific story about a little girl who had to have 16 teeth pulled by an emergency dentist. Is this standard procedure to simply pull out a child’s teeth?

Julie W. – Nevada


No, that isn’t standard procedure. Most dentists work to save teeth, especially in children because they want their appointments to have as little trauma to them as possible, even in the case of emergency dental care.

I think I’m familiar with the case you’re referring to. It’s an unusual one. If I’m correct, you’re writing about the little girl in Great Britain who had severe decay.

In her case, she should have received help much sooner than she did, which could have saved her teeth. It took her hours to eat because it was so painful.  That alone was enough of a heads up that something was going on with her teeth.

Truthfully, it is important to take your children to the dentist early on. You want their first visits to be without having to repair damage. Let them experience the fun of having their teeth cleaned. ┬áDo this regularly, and you won’t have to worry about situations like the one you read about the little English girl.

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