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Feel Stupid Asking My Dentist About Invisalign

I want to repair my smile, but I a little embarrassed to ask my dentist about it. I have a couple of gums that are longer than the others. I wondered if Invisalign would fix it, but when I asked the hygienist about it, she laughed at me like that was the dumbest idea ever.  Now I feel pretty stupid. I thought I’d ask you instead. Is it a dumb idea? I liked the idea of fixing my teeth without needing metal all over my teeth.

Adrianna N. – Colorado


You should never feel stupid talking to your dentist about anything. The reaction of the hygienist was inappropriate, to say the least. While she is right that Invisalign won’t fix your gums, she should have explained why.

Invisalign, like any other type of orthodontics (including traditional metal braces). only fixes your bite.  The gums can be repaired, but it will require something called a gingivectomy. This will remove the extra gum tissue from your teeth. It’s a simple, quick procedure which is done in just one office visit.

After that’s done, if you’re still wanting to do something like straighten your teeth, then Invisalign will be a good option. If you’re wanting a more dramatic cosmetic change than just straighten your teeth, then I suggest you inquire about porcelain veneers. These can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth.

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