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Finding an Expert Cosmetic Dentist

Thank you for you excellent help with my question about porcelain veneers. I realize now I should have done more research on cosmetic dentists. Can you give me some advice on how to find the kind of skilled dentist you talked about?

Carlee O.- Jacksonville, FL


That is a great question. I could tell you ways to spend hours researching training and artistry, but fortunately someone has already taken the time to do that. If you will go to mynewsmile.com website, they have a link called “Find a Cosmetic Dentist”. They list out expert cosmetic dentists from each state. They even have some listings for other countries. The person who runs this site is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist himself, who no longer practices. ┬áHe does all the research. Not only do the dentists have to demonstrate their education and training in cosmetic dentistry, but they have to show examples of their work to illustrate their artistry. The standards for being recommended on the site are very high. You’d be safe with anyone of them.

I hope this helps. To read Carlee’s original question, click here.

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