I cracked my veneer

I have had my porcelain veneers for six weeks. I really love them. However, I have a pretty severe grinding problem which means I need to where a night guard. I got sick last night and laid down for just a minute, not putting in the night guard because I wasn’t officially going to sleep. When I woke up, it was the next morning and half of one of my veneers was in my mouth. Is it OK to ask my dentist for a new one without a fee, or do I need to pay for a whole new one.?

Drucilla P. – New Jersey


You could always ask, but the answer will vary depending on the dentist. You need to be aware he is under no legal obligation to replace it at no cost, given that the cause was a known grinding problem.

That being said here are the range of responses you could get regarding replacing your porcelain veneers at no cost:

1. Sure.  You’ve only had it six weeks. I’ll replace it no fee, but don’t do it again.

2. I’ll replace it and only charge you the lab fee  (which the dentist gets charged)

3. No, you knew you were supposed to wear a nightguard.  I’ll replace it, but you must eat the cost.

If you’re OK handling those responses, go ahead and ask.

You should also be aware that if the veneer broke cleanly and your dentist is an expert at cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to just bond the broken piece back on and no one would even no the difference. It takes real expertise to do this, so make sure before you let him try that.

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