porcelain veneer being placed on a tooth

My Bulky Dental Bonding Nightmare

My teeth were stained and chipped, so my dentist offered dental bonding as a solution. She said that porcelain veneers were too aggressive. When she finished the bonded, my teeth looked bulky, and even my dentist agreed that the bonding changed my speech. She asked me to give it some time to see if I adjusted. Otherwise, she would remove the bonding.

Last week, my dentist removed the bulky bonding because I could not adjust to how it felt. Also, it made my smile look horrible. Now my teeth look worse before. Not only do I still have chips in my teeth, but they also look patchy. I’m not sure if my dentist knows what she is doing, so I am afraid to let her try again. But what do I ask for from a new dentist – bonding or veneers? Thank you. Shan F. from NJ


Thank you for your question. One of our dentists would need to examine your teeth to see what happened, but we can over some advice.

How Can Bulky Dental Bonding Affect Your Smile?

When dental bonding is too bulky, it can affect you in several ways:

  • Interferes with your speech
  • Creates an unattractive smile
  • Traps food and can lead to tooth decay or disease

Removing Dental Bonding

A skilled cosmetic dentist knows which tools and techniques to use to remove composite bonding without damaging your tooth enamel. Your description sounds as if your dentist might have removed a small amount of tooth enamel.

Rather than covering teeth with veneers as shown, a cosmetic dentist may renew them with veneers

Instead of allowing your dentist to correct her work, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with an advanced cosmetic dentist who will look at your teeth and recommend treatment. Eventually, you will need an examination and possibly x-rays to look for any damage to your teeth. Afterward, the dentist will explain your options and how bonding and porcelain veneers compare.

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