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My veneers are broken & making me lisp

I had four porcelain veneers put on my front teeth.  In the first week they all cracked and fell off.  My dentist tried several times to bond them back on, but with no success. I went to another dentist he recommended. He made new veneers for me, but these are longer than the others were and now I have a lisp when I talk. I’m not sure I like how they look. Do you know what is going on? I’ve spent over six grand on these and now I’m wondering if I should just have left my teeth the way they were.

Carlee O.- Jacksonville, FL


The problem is the dentists you’ve chosen. An expert cosmetic dentist would never have had the problems you’ve experienced. I don’t know how you decided on your original dentist. Maybe he was just your family dentist and he told you he was able to handle the procedure. Though he may have learned how to place porcelain veneers, that does not make him a skilled cosmetic dentist. The bonding techniques alone take tremendous skill. You’ve seen the results of not doing those right. Even if a veneer cracks, if it is bonded on correctly it will not fall off.

With the second dentist, obviously you just went with who your dentist recommended, but he obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing either.  The lisp comes from the length. When they are too long, it can cause a lisp. So, not only do they look funny, but they have caused a speech impediment.

My recommendation is for you to bite the bullet and have them re-done by an expert cosmetic dentist. One who is not only skilled with the technical aspects that will prevent problems with bonding and speech, but is also an artist. With an artistic cosmetic dentist, you can have the smile of your dreams.

It’s probably advisable to have more than four teeth done. However, if that is all you want I recommend you do teeth whitening on the remainder of your teeth so they will match in color with your veneers.

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