Partial denture for lower front teeth

Why Does My Partial Denture Rock When I Chew?

I went directly through the lab my dentist uses to get my new partial denture. My old partial lasted eight years until I broke it. I bypassed my dentist for the new partial because the lab does a good job, and I knew it could save the lab and me some money if we cut out the middleman. Well, the partial has too much plastic backing that it is uncomfortable, and the plate is too short, so the partial rocks when I chew. The lab tried several times to fix this issue, but they told me that I needed to go through my dentist if I wanted anything different. Why would they agree to do my partial denture if they don’t want to get it right? – Thanks. Dennis W. from Indiana


Thank you for your question.

It is illegal for a lab to make a partial denture, complete denture, or any restoration without a prescription from your dentist. Although you asked the lab to make the partial denture for you to save money, they should have refused. But the lab knows the legal requirements, so they are primarily at fault.

What Causes a Partial Denture to Rock?

Partial denture for lower front teeth
A cosmetic dentist can take accurate impressions of your mouth for a denture that fits well

If the framework of a partial denture is distorted, the appliance can rock. A dentist takes an impression of your mouth, makes an accurate model of your teeth, and transmits the information to the lab to make your partial denture. Lab techs do not receive training to take impressions, so they cannot make a precisely fitting appliance without your dentist’s help.

If you want a refund, you can tell the lab that you will report the issue to the state dental board. They will probably agree to refund you. Afterward, please return to your dentist or the dentist of your choice to make a new partial denture that will fit well, be as comfortable as possible, and not rock when you chew.

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