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Porcelain Veneer Scam

I need some advice. I had some slightly misaligned teeth and they were also showing their age with their color. I went to someone who advertised as a cosmetic dental specialist who was having a new patient sale of 15% off. He told me he could fix both of those things with porcelain veneers. I was super excited about the idea of having a nice smile again. By the time he was “finished” nothing looked like he said they would. The teeth are still misaligned and the color looks chalky and fake. To top it off he told me he reshaped some of the bottom teeth, which we didn’t agree to or even discuss, yet he charged me$2k extra for it. Now he’s saying I have unrealistic expectations and the only way to get my teeth to look the way I want is with dental crowns and of course, he wants to charge me more for the crowns. He’s the one who suggested veneers in the first place. What do I do?


Dear Carly,

Wow! I absolutely hate hearing stories like this. He has been so unethical and it makes the rest of the legitimate dentists look bad. Your first thing to do is try to secure a refund. Here are the things going for you that will help you procure one.

  • First, he misrepresented himself by calling himself a specialist. There is not a recognized specialty in cosmetic dentistry. For him to call himself a true specialist is unethical. That being said, there are dentists who are more qualified than others. I’ll discuss below how to find a truly skilled cosmetic dentist.
  • Second, he promised you results he did not follow through on and then blamed you for your expectations. Telling you he can do something is a verbal contract. He did not fulfill his part of the deal.
  • Thirdly, he did work by shaping teeth you did not even discuss. That is a big no-no. A patient must consent to work before it is done.

I’d start by gently asking for a refund. If he gives you trouble, and I suspect he will, point out the things mentioned above. If he still gives you trouble, let him know you’ll be talking to the dental board and contacting an attorney if need be.

I also recommend, for the benefit of other potential victims that you leave a review documenting your experience with this dentist.

Finding an Expert Cosmetic Dentist

So you are aware, porcelain veneers CAN actually do everything he said and more. You just have to have a skilled and artistic cosmetic dentist to do the work. Smile makeovers are not taught in dental school so it is up to the dentist how much training they invest in this skill.

The best cosmetic dentists have reached accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It’s more than just being a member of the AACD. In order to get accredited, they have to pass stringent exams as well as have a large number of cases they’ve done examined by a board to make sure it meets the highest technical and artistic standards.

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