Pain in pain portraying fear of needles and the dentist

I Am Scared of Needles. How Can I Make It Through a Dentist’s Appt?

I am scared of needles but need to see a dentist for work on three lower left teeth that are really in bad shape. I keep putting it off, but I can’t take it anymore because the toothaches are intense, making me nauseous, and making my breath smell rank. I know that my fear has made the situation worse. Is there anything I can do to psych myself out to make it through the appointment? Thank you. Kyle F. from Baltimore, MD

Kyle –

Thank you for your question. Dental anxieties and phobias affect millions of people. A caring, gentle dentist will listen to understand what causes your anxiety and how to minimize it.

How Can You Avoid the Pain of a Dentist’s Needle?

You can avoid the pain of a dentist’s needle by looking for a gentle dentist who caters to anxious or fearful patients. They enjoy seeing nervous patients and putting them at ease. The dentist will numb your gums around your teeth before injecting a local anesthetic to prevent you from feeling it. You can enjoy a comfortable, painless experience without feeling sensations from the dentist’s needle. A gentle dentist will offer distractions while you sit in the dental chair for treatment, such as headphones with music, an overhead TV, or a cozy blanket.

How Can You Find a Pain-Free Dentist?

You can find a pain-free dentist by asking friends or family members for recommendations for a gentle dentist. Otherwise, look online for dentists who cater to patients with dental anxiety. Choose two dentists, and schedule consultations with them. You will be able to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and get a feel for the dentist, the staff, and the office environment. Then you can choose a dentist to help you get a productive, painless dental appointment.

Act swiftly. The intensity of your toothaches is a symptom of an infection that requires prompt dental care.

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