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I can’t chew very well with my dentures

I’m hoping you can give me some denture advice. Ever since I’ve got them, it’s been very hard to chew. Is there anything I can do? My dentist says the dentures are fitting properly.

Scott D. – Georgia


Even the best fitting dentures will reduce your chewing efficiency by 50%.  That can be discouraging. Ideally, when you need to replace teeth, you’d get dental implants. However, that is not in the budget for all patients and they’re stuck with dentures.

If you’re in that category, you might consider getting snap-on dentures. That will anchor them and help with your chewing efficiency.

You still won’t feel like you did with natural teeth or you would with dental implants, but it will be a significant improvement.

There will be the added benefit of allowing you to retain some of your jawbone. Obviously , the more implants, the better the stability and the more bone will be retained, but as long as you have a minimum of two, you should see some improvement.

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Good Dentist—Bad Dentist

I’ve learned a hard lesson I want to pass on to any readers you have. I wanted to get a smile makeover. I called around and found several dentists that did exactly what I wanted right in my area. One of them  (let’s call him bad dentist) was significantly less expensive. It was the exact same procedure so I thought I was getting a good deal. Unfortunately, that is not how it turned out.

The cheaper dentist gave me a smile that was worse than the one I originally went in with. I left in tears. What did the dentist do? He told me it was fine and I was being overly critical.

My husband finally convinced me to go to one of the other dentists to get a second opinion. When I did, the dentist (let’s call him good dentist) said I had a right to be disappointed. He even managed to talk bad dentist into giving me a partial refund.

Then good dentist re-did my smile makeover. Even though it cost me more, I ended up having a smile I am proud to flash everywhere I go.

All that to say, if you want a smile makeover….go to the best dentist possible, even if it costs a little more.  It will be so worth it!

Tracy M. – Maine


I’m so glad you love your new smile and that you found a great dentist. Your words of advice are spot on.

I will add one thing, because it is sometimes hard for patients, especially new patients, to know who is really the best dentist. You don’t want to just base it on price, because more costly, though it often means more skilled and in demand, doesn’t always mean that. it sometimes means you have a poser.

One almost guaranteed way to get a gorgeous smile makeover, is to go to a cosmetic dentist who is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Those are among the most skilled cosmetic dentists in the world.

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My crowns are messing up my teeth

I got three dental crowns. From the beginning I was worried something was right. My teeth were no longer meeting up.  That felt weird. But now my teeth seem to be shifting. Could these crowns be messing up my teeth or am I imagining things?

Deb. – Park City,


Your instincts are right. Your teeth were suppossed to touch their opposing teeth. If your dentist got that wrong, then it is likely that he got some other occlusion issues wrong.

What that means is your teeth are no longer going to line up properly and that is why you feel your teeth are moving. This will likely lead to TMJ and needs to be dealt with immediately.

It’s obvious your dentist doesn’t understand occlusion. Because of that you’ll need to find a dentist that is experienced in treating TMJ.

Look for someone who studied with Dr. Speer, the Dawson  Academy, or LVI.

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Infection back

I had a tooth infection and got some antibiotics from a doctor friend.  I felt better for a while and thought the infection was gone. However, I think the infection is back and I feel worse than before.  Do I just need a stronger antibiotic?

Andy G. – Utah


You’ve made a common error. Antibiotics alone will not solve the problem of a tooth infection. When you get a tooth infection, it is inside a confined space. While antibiotics will help the defenses of those areas with a bloodstream, the tooth does not receive any of the benefit, so while the antibiotics may make you feel better for a while, it will not kill the infection.

Instead, a dentist needs to get in there and remove the infected pulp.  I would call your dentist as quickly as possible, becuase this infection has been there for quite some time and will be worse than it was before.  If you neglect caring for this, it will get significantly worse.  Bear in mind your jaw is close to other parts of your body, including your brain.  Eventually, if left untreated, the infection will spread and become life threatening.

If you don’t have a dentist, call an emergency dentist and tell him or her the situation.  Don’t waste any more time on this.

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