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Options for a teen with congenitally missing teeth

My 16 year old has a congenitally missing tooth. I wanted to get her a dental implant, but the dentist insists she’s too young. The problem is this tooth is visible and is embarassing to her. Are there options?

Rosie B. – Denver


First, I’m going to say that I agree with your dentist. Your daughter is too young for a dental implant. Her jaw is still growing and the procedure will end up failing.

That being said. I would suggest you get her a porcelain veneer for the smaller baby tooth. It can “build up” material around the tooth and make it the same shape, size, and appearance as her other teeth.

This will at least temporarily take care of the problem while you wait for her jaw to fully develop.

One word of caution. Make sure you go to a highly experienced, artistic cosmetic dentist if you want to veneer to look good.

I recommend going on mynewsmile.com and seeing which cosmetic dentists they recommend in the Denver area.

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Can my teenager get dental implants?

My daughter had some teeth that never came in. She’s really embarrassed about it. Is there a way a teenager (15) can get dental implants?

Alicia – Montana


Your daughter likely has congenitally missing teeth. It’s fairly common, but for a teenager can be a little discouraging. There at an age where they feel like they have to look perfect.

Unfortunately, dental implants are not a good treatment for teenagers. The reason for this is their jaw is not fully formed.

My suggestion would be to see a cosmetic dentist. There are treatments they can do to make her feel better about her smile. ¬†Even then, you’ll have to replace it every few years.

Then, when she’s in her 20s dental implants will be a good option.

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