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I can’t chew very well with my dentures

I’m hoping you can give me some denture advice. Ever since I’ve got them, it’s been very hard to chew. Is there anything I can do? My dentist says the dentures are fitting properly.

Scott D. – Georgia


Even the best fitting dentures will reduce your chewing efficiency by 50%. ┬áThat can be discouraging. Ideally, when you need to replace teeth, you’d get dental implants. However, that is not in the budget for all patients and they’re stuck with dentures.

If you’re in that category, you might consider getting snap-on dentures. That will anchor them and help with your chewing efficiency.

You still won’t feel like you did with natural teeth or you would with dental implants, but it will be a significant improvement.

There will be the added benefit of allowing you to retain some of your jawbone. Obviously , the more implants, the better the stability and the more bone will be retained, but as long as you have a minimum of two, you should see some improvement.

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Why put a stain on Lumineers?

I just received 6 lumineers. I had specifically told my dentist I wanted a really white smile. For some reason he put a stain on them and I’m really unhappy with the color, (as well as how bulky they look). What is the need for the stain?

Carol G. -Montana


I’m sorry for your experience. I can tell you why your dentist thought he needed to put a stain on your teeth. In dental school dentists are taught that for teeth to look natural they need to put a stain on them. However, cosmetic dentists learn to listen to what their patients want. Many people want a bright, white smile.

It sounds to me like your dentist is a general dentist who also does cosmetic work, but does not have extensive training as a cosmetic dentist. A lot of people don’t know that cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty. As a result, any dentist can do cosmetic work, even without the additional training. They may learn the procedure, but the artistic skills required for really beautiful work takes a lot of time and training. It sounds to me like your dentist did not have a lot of cosmetic training and was just going with what he learned in dental school.

Though you didn’t ask about this, I want to address the bulkiness of your Lumineers. The company that markets Lumineers stresses the fact that they are ultra-thin and advertises that they are a no-prep veneer, meaning your tooth will not have to be shaved to place them. However, there are some things you should know. First, Lumineers are NOT the only brand of ultra-thin veneers. Many cosmetic dentists aren’t happy with the artistic quality of Lumineers and would probably suggest another brand of ultra-thin veneers. Secondly, if your dentist did place them without prep, that would lead to them looking a bit bulky. The amount of shaving required for placing porcelain veneers is so minimal, that it really isn’t worth it to land yourself with bulky veneers.

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