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Porcelain Veneer Cracked

I had a set of 10 porcelain veneers done to lengthen my teeth. They are stunning and I’m in love with my smile. I’m not wealthy, but recently received an inheritance which allowed me to get the smile of my dreams. I went to the best cosmetic dentist around. I’m truly thrilled with the results. Here’s my problem. I can’t afford this office regularly. After I had my veneers done I planned on going back to my normal dentist for things like check-ups. I’ve only had the veneers for about 5 months and one of them has cracked. I’m a little embarrassed about going back and worried I won’t be able to afford it. The crack is horizontal about a fifth of the way up my lateral incisor. I’m worried it will fall off. What do you recommend?


Dear Lizzie,

A single porcelain veneer being placed

Normally, a well-bonded porcelain veneer will stay on even if it has a crack. However, because of the location of your crack and the fact your dentist had to add length to your teeth, I’m worried there’s not much bonding in that location to hold it on. Because of that, this needs to be repaired.

While porcelain veneers aren’t guaranteed to last forever, they’re certainly meant to last for more than the amount of time you’ve had them. In fact, when well taken care of, they can last for upwards of 20 years. I think your dentist will likely repair it at no charge or for a very low fee. I wouldn’t let fear of the cost stop you.

You were smart to invest wisely in an expert cosmetic dentist for your work. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to go there for your regular checkups. The best cosmetic dentists realize some patients come to them just for their cosmetic work and have all their general dental work done elsewhere at a more affordable practice.

If they ask you about scheduling your six-month checkup while you’re there, just be politely upfront with them about your financial situation. They shouldn’t be offended.

A Note on Porcelain Veneer Care

The best toothpaste for your porcelain veneers would be Supersmile. This is specially formulated for cosmetic work to keep it stain-free without damaging the glazing.

Because you’re going to your general dental clinic for your checkups, the hygienist might not be familiar with taking care of cosmetic work. Two things to tell her (or him) to avoid are a power prohy jet (or anything similar) and acidulated fluoride. Both of those will take off the glazing from your porcelain veneers. The glazing is what makes them so stain resistant. If that comes off, they’ll quickly start picking up stains and be ruined. Teeth whitening won’t fix them. They’d have to be replaced.

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I cracked my veneer

I have had my porcelain veneers for six weeks. I really love them. However, I have a pretty severe grinding problem which means I need to where a night guard. I got sick last night and laid down for just a minute, not putting in the night guard because I wasn’t officially going to sleep. When I woke up, it was the next morning and half of one of my veneers was in my mouth. Is it OK to ask my dentist for a new one without a fee, or do I need to pay for a whole new one.?

Drucilla P. – New Jersey


You could always ask, but the answer will vary depending on the dentist. You need to be aware he is under no legal obligation to replace it at no cost, given that the cause was a known grinding problem.

That being said here are the range of responses you could get regarding replacing your porcelain veneers at no cost:

1. Sure.  You’ve only had it six weeks. I’ll replace it no fee, but don’t do it again.

2. I’ll replace it and only charge you the lab fee  (which the dentist gets charged)

3. No, you knew you were supposed to wear a nightguard.  I’ll replace it, but you must eat the cost.

If you’re OK handling those responses, go ahead and ask.

You should also be aware that if the veneer broke cleanly and your dentist is an expert at cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to just bond the broken piece back on and no one would even no the difference. It takes real expertise to do this, so make sure before you let him try that.

This blog is brought to you by Salem, MA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Randall Burba.