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dentures won’t stay in

I ended up having dentures at a very young age. I’m 60 now and have had them for over 30 years. Lately, even with adhesive, it’s becoming impossible to keep them in. Can a dentist fix this?


An illustration of both a denture and a dental implant

This is tough. When your teeth were removed, your body began a resorption process of using the minerals normally needed by your jawbone elsewhere.

It does this because it interprets your missing teeth as you no longer needing these. This process is known in dental circles as facial collapse.

As this happens, your dentures begin to slip. Then, they get to where they start falling out. Eventually, you won’t be able to keep them in at all.

Two Solutions When Dentures Fail

The first thing you’ll need to do is get bone grafting done. This is an outpatient procedure that builds up bone in your jawbone again. Once that is done, you have two main routes to choose from.

  • Have new dentures made. You have a ridge again and will be able to retain dentures again if that is what you like. One thing to consider is you would be facing the same issue again as the cycle of facial collapse starts all over.
  • Get dental implants. This is actually the ideal solution. You can place four to six dental implants into your new jawbone. This signals to your brain you need those minerals and the bone remains intact preventing facial collapse. Then, when the implants are fully integrated, a denture is secured to the implants. This is known as implant overdentures. You’ll never have to worry about them slipping again.

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My Dentures Ruined My Daughter’s Celebration

My daughter has been working toward a goal her whole life. She’s come up against one obstacle after another. Yet, she persevered. I’m as proud of her as any parent could be. We held a party in her honor. I baked her favorite cake. Yet, right when I’m standing over the cake giving a speech about her remarkable accomplishment, my dentures fall out and land smack on top of the cake. I was (and still am) mortified. Tell me there is something I can do about these wretched dentures.

Annette A. – Nevada


I am mortified along with you. That would be a horrible thing to experience. I don’t know your daughter, but I’m willing to wager after all she’s overcome to meet her goal, she will not allow an incident you couldn’t control to get between the two of you.

All that being said, there is definitely something you can do about the slipping dentures and prevent it from ever happening again.

Obviously, dental implants are the ideal choice. In some cases, however, they’re not possible┬ábecause of financial restrictions. When that is the case, snap-on dentures are a great solution.

They can be done with as few as two implants, making it much more affordable. Though it doesn’t have all the benefits of dental implants, it will certainly anchor the dentures into your mouth, so you’ll never have to face a situation like your daughter’s celebration again.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Randall Burba.