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Can I Still Use My Aligners If I Put Them in the Dryer?

I feel like a complete idiot. I put my Invisalign aligners in my pocket just while I ate. I spilled something on the pants that held my aligners. Off they came and I popped them in the washer. It wasn’t until they were in the dryer (for no more than 15 minutes) when I’d realized the horrible mistake I’d made. I dashed to my laundry room and extricated the aligners. They still fit¬†but are a little more snug than I remember them being. Did they shrink? Is it safe to wear them?

Vicki Q. – Seattle, Washington


You’re not an idiot. We’ve all placed things in the dryer we didn’t mean to. ¬†However, it’s not safe for you to keep wearing them. Invisalign is meant to gradually move your teeth into position. The dryer will have distorted them. That will result in them moving your teeth into quite the wrong position.

If you were close to the time to your new set of aligners (and you already have them), you may just place them on and continue with your treatment.

However, if you were early on with this set, then you’ll need to put on the pair before them and have your dentist make a new set of aligners for you.

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