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Dentist Perforated My Sinus!

I need help. I’m in complete agony. I don’t like dentists to begin with, so it took a lot of pain for me to go in to see one to begin with. I don’t have a regular dentist so I contacted an emergency dentist. He said my pain is being caused by two molars that are beyond repair. He offered to extract them and I agreed. The next day, my nose felt weird and kept making strange popping sounds. I called the office because I’d never had this procedure before and didn’t know what was normal. They suggested I take a decongestant. Mind you, they never mentioned the possibility that anything else could be wrong. I started taking the decongestant, but by morning I developed a fever. I called them back and they called in an antibiotic for me. Still no mention of a problem during my procedure. A week later, I’m in so much pain I just show up at their office and tell them someone has to check me right then. They bring me back. That’s the FIRST time they mentioned that my sinus had been perforated during the procedure. He removed some pieces of bone and said I should be good to go. It’s now another week later and I’m getting worse. Do I need to go to a hospital?


Dear Missy,

Woman holding her jaw in pain

Holy Molars! That is one heck of a horror story. I’m very sorry you’re facing this. Your emergency dentist really blew it on a lot of levels. Our sinus cavities are quite close to some tooth roots, so perforated sinuses do happen. But, there is a protocol he’s supposed to follow to help aid healing. Part of that is informing you so that you know not to place unnecessary pressure on it during healing and to not blow your nose.

Secondly, it sounds like he has you on the wrong antibiotic. You should be much better by now. Here’s what I want you to do. While most perforated sinuses heal on their own quite nicely, yours has progressed way too far. I think you need an emergency ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) appointment. Let your medical doctor know what is going on so he can recommend one for you TODAY.

They’ll not only get you on the correct antibiotic but will give you a treatment plan for healing. Be aware, if it’s progressed as much as I think you may need surgery to correct this.

Dental Emergencies and Dental Anxiety

Fear eyes looking out from behind a chair
Dental Anxiety Leads to Dental Emergencies

In our practice, we’ve noticed that many dental emergencies we end up seeing, developed because the patient has dental anxiety and avoids the dentist. It sounds like you’re in this category. Plus, with the experience you’ve just had, I wouldn’t be surprised if you never wanted to step into a dental office again.

I don’t want you relegated to going from one dental emergency to another, always having painful visits to the dentist. Because of that, I want to let you know that there are dentists who cater to fearful patients. They’re gentle and compassionate. They won’t lecture you about not coming in. Instead, they’ll help you get your oral health on track.

You’ll find even your body feels better once your dental issues are in hand. There’s a way to do it both stress-free and pain-free too. I want you to look for a dentist who uses sedation dentistry. This will allow you to sleep through your appointments. It has changed the lives of many fearful patients who were eventually even able to come without sedation.

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