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How to Find the Best Dentist When You Move

We’re moving across the country. We’ve had a fantastic dentist all of our lives. It’s sad to me that we have to leave the clinic. I’m pretty sure we’ve had the best dentist in our state. Is there an easy way to locate the best dentist in our new state?

Emily P.

Dear Emily,

Best Dentist in Boston

I’ll give you some tips to narrow down your dentist choices. The first thing you need to do is decide what services are important to you. For instance, if you’ll want someone who focuses only on general dental services you’ll go one route. But, if you are interested in cosmetic dental services there will be additional things to look for.

I’m going to go on the assumption you’re looking for a good cosmetic dentist because those are harder to find. There is no recognized specialty for cosmetic dentistry so every cosmetic dentist is just a general dentist who offers cosmetic procedures. As with any art based skill, there are a large variety of skills among the artists.

Because it’s extremely difficult for patients to know ahead of time which dentists are skilled at creating beautiful smiles and which are really bad at it, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) developed an accreditation program. Those cosmetic dentists which reach accreditation are among the most skilled, artistic dentists in the world. If getting a smile makeover is important to you, you’ll want an AACD accredited dentist.

Now, you likely fell in love with your dentist because of his personality. He showed interest and care about your family. It won’t do you any good if your dentist is artistic, but a total jerk. So, once you’ve found an AACD accredited dentist in your area, look at their smile gallery to be certain you like the results they get. You’ll also want to make sure they have some form of beautiful smile guarantee. Then, go onto sites like Google Review or Yelp! and read reviews patients have given them. You want to make sure they’re good with patients.

If you take these steps, you’re very likely to find at least one of the best dentists in your new area. If cosmetic work isn’t important to you, then just look at reviews to make sure they’re friendly and do work that holds up.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Randall Burba.

How Can I Get My Dentist Nominated For Best Dentist?

I just had my first good experience with a dentist EVER. He was amazing. I have some dental anxiety and he was completely patient with me. Not once did I feel threatened. He was gentle. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it.  He spent time with me and answered my questions without making me feel like I was using up too much of his time. And to top it off, not only did he explain which procedures he was recommending, but he also told me alternative treatments that cost less. I really want him recognized for the incredible dentist he is. Is there a way to get him nominated for “best dentist”?

Cindy K. – VA


It’s great that you’ve found such a great dentist. There’s no better feeling of peace and well-being than having a care giver you feel you can trust.  There are several things you can do to give your new dentist the recognition he obviously deserves.

First, write him a note, telling him exactly what you told us. I can assure you it will make his day. You may also want to give him permission to use your testimony on his website.

Second, write him a great review online. There are Google Reviews, and Yelp Reviews, as well as Rate Your Medical Practitioner Reviews. Don’t just give him 5 stars. Take the extra time to type out what you just told us.  That will help potential patients understand what kind of quality care they’re in for if they visit him.

Lastly, many cities have a “Best of” issue of their local magazine. Call your local magazine’s office and ask them when the voting comes out for that issue. You can certainly nominate him for Best Dentist then.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Randall Burba.