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Is It Really Necessary to See a Dentist Every Two Weeks for Invisalign?

I’m wanting to update my smile, but the site mentioned I’d have to come in every two weeks. I live in a very remote area. It takes me over three hours to get to the nearest dentist. I can’t imagine making that trip every two weeks. What’s the purpose of going so often?

Maleiki K.

Dear Maleiki,

Salem MA Invisalign

How great that you’re getting to update your smile. You’ll find that Invisalign has a very high patient satisfaction rate. There is an important purpose for those visits, but given your unique situation, you may see if your dentist would be willing to work with you.

Generally, they want to see you twice a month in order to make sure there are no problems with your treatment and the health of your gums is staying on track. They also give you your next pair of aligners. However, because your drive is so far, they may give you two pairs of aligners at a time so you only have to come once a month. You don’t want to wait more than that, because if a problem does develop such as gum disease or root absorption, the quicker the dentist catches it the better.

If you don’t catch those issues early enough it could derail your treatment. Left unchecked, you could even lose teeth.

Teeth Whitening and Invisalign

Given the limitations on your accessibility to a dentist, if you’ve ever considered getting your teeth whitened in your smile makeover, I’d talk to your dentist about doing it simultaneously with your Invisalign treatment.

It’s possible for your aligners to double as teeth whitening trays. Not only will this keep you from having to do another set of visits to the dentist, but it will also save you money on teeth whitening aligners. It’s a win-win for you.

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Whitening my teeth during invisalign

I have invisalign and I’m happy with the treatments. One thing I’m worrying about is whether or not I can whiten my teeth while getting my invisalign treatment or if I have to wait until I’m done. I was hoping to do zoom whitening.

Genevieve M. – Louisiana


Zoom whitening can take around two hours.  That is about the amount of time that you’re allowed to have the aligners out, but it doesn’t leave you any time for eating.

You ahve a couple of options for teeth whitening with Invisalign. First,  you could do zoom, but it does make your teeth more sensitive. If you combine that with straightening your teeth, that may be more discomfort than you’re ready to deal with.

The second option is to use your invisalign aligners as teeth whitneing trays.  Your dentist will probably be willing to give you the whitening gel at a nominal fee and you can place that in your aligners while you sleep.

You’ll probably end up saving money on the deal.

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