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Orthly App Versus Invisalign

I recently read about an app called Orthly.  It’s a lot cheaper than Invisalign. In fact, I can’t afford Invisalign, but I can this app. Is it safe?

Benjamin H.


This app hasn’t been available long. It could be a wonderful product, but there are a few things which concern me. The first is that it is developed by students who, like many people including yourself, couldn’t afford Invisalign. That in itself isn’t so bad, but they admit themselves they have no knowledge of dentistry.

They evaluated how Invisalign works and came up with what they felt was an affordable solution. Unfortunately, one of the ways it saves so much money is by keeping dental professionals out of the treatment plan, except for a few “check-ups” by photo to see how your teeth are coming along.

Here’s my concern with those check-ups. How can an orthodontist measure and track things such as mobility, root absorption, periodontal disease, and oral hygiene through a photo? The answer is they can’t. Unfortunately, any of those issues can mean serious problems for your teeth. They can even lead to you losing your teeth.

The jury is still out on Orthy. In your place, I’d talk to your dentist. Let him or her know your financial concern. It’s likely they can work out a payment plan of some type for you which will work with your budget.

Straightening your teeth can do a lot more than give you confidence in your smile. It can help with things like jaw pain and migraines if they’re being caused by your bite.

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Having Trouble Speaking with Porcelain Veneers

I’ve gotten porcelain veneers. While they look fine I’m finding it difficult to speak with them. They’re bulkier than my teeth and my tongue keeps running into the back of them. I feel like my mouth has been stuffed with something. I’m also a little worried that my top arch seems a bit off. This may be unrelated, but shortly after they were placed, I began getting migraines. Will I get used to this or is something wrong? It’s been six months.

Emily M. – South Dakota


If your tongue is touching them on the backs of your teeth, that isn’t porcelain veneers. That sounds more like porcelain crowns. While porcelain veneers are only placed on the front of your teeth and are used for cosmetic purposes, crowns completely surround your teeth. In fact, your dentist had to file down all sides of your teeth to get them to fit.

If you’ve had them for six months and are still struggling, you’re not going to adjust. If your dentist made them too thick or long, which happens, a general adjustment period is a few weeks.

However, you mentioned the additional concern of your arch feeling out of wack and developing migraines. These are both signs of TMJ. That condition can be spurred on my improper placement of your crowns.

Get x-rays of your teeth both before and after your crowns and take them to a TMJ dentist to look at. They’ll be able to give you some idea of whether or not the crowns are causing problems.

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Is TMJ Really a Big Deal?

My sister keeps saying she has TMJ like it’s a whole big thing. Is it really a big deal or is she making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Joe L. – Louisiana


TMJ can be quite serious. Not only can it cause severe migraines, but it can also cause your jaw to lock up so you can’t open and close your mouth anymore.

It’s caused by a disorder of the jaw joint. A dentist with TMJ training can help her to know how to repair the joint disorder.

The best treatment can sometimes be difficult to figure out, so be patient with your sister if she’s struggling with headaches and muscle pain. It’s always better to start with the least invasive treatment first.

Though we don’t know all the causes of TMJ, we do know that sometimes behaviors, such as grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can lead to TMJ.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Randall Burba.