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Who’s the Best Dentist for a Recovering Bulimic?

I’ve struggled with bulimia for years and am finally on the road to recovery. It’s been hard but I’m doing much better recently.  One of the things I’m doing is trying to repair some of the damage my purging has caused. My teeth are in bad shape and I caused it. I need to find the right type of dentist for this. I don’t want one who’s going to make me feel any worse than I already do.

Meredith G.

Dear Meredith,

Wow! You’re a strong woman. I’m proud of the dynamic recovery you’ve made thus far. I appreciate the steps you’re trying to take. You’re also wise to try to find the best type of dentist for this situation.

You’ll want to work with an expert cosmetic dentist. They have the experience in working with bulimic patients. Plus, you’ll be certain whatever work they do will be beautiful.  The last thing you need at this stage of your recovery is shoddy work which makes you feel worse about yourself.

The dentist will want to look at the damage to the back of your teeth. Your purging causes a lot of acid to attack the back of your teeth. It may be that will cause you to need some all-porcelain crowns, but don’t worry. A good cosmetic dentist will make them stunning.

Your best bet is to get an accredited dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).  They’re the top cosmetic dentists in the country and will give you a smile you will be unbelievably proud to share with people.

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Best Dentist for a Gum Ache?

I have a weird problem and I’m not sure if it’s best to see a dentist or a doctor. My gums, on the teeth next to my front teeth, ache and itch at the same time.  I’ve had a cold, so I don’t know if that’s related to it.  Is it best to see a doctor or dentist?

Donna M. – Ohio


That’s a great question.  There is not really a right or wrong here. It would be medical or dental.  A cold can inflame your sinuses which are near the area you’re describing, which can mimic a tooth problem.

Here’s what I’d recommend. If you’re due for a cleaning or are prone to decay and tooth infections, it would be best to see the dentist first. Then you can eliminate any issues that could blow up on you. It will also give you peace of mind.

However, If your cleanings are up to date and you had no problems at the check-up, it might be better to see the doctor first.

Alternately, if it was just a cold and you’re not running a fever, you could just give it a few days to see if it’s just a sinus flare up. It may go away on its own.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Randall Burba.