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Saw a dental emergency and realized I didn’t know what to do

I was at the playground and saw a child fall and lose a tooth. It occured to me I didn’t know what to do if my family was in that situation. Any tips?

Stephanie – Staten Island


Great question! Obviously, we recommend getting to the dentist as quickly as possible. If you want a chance of saving the tooth, you’ll want to get there within 30 minutes. They’re used to being prepared for these kind of dental emergencies.

Be sure to avoid disturbing the root end of the tooth. Hold it from the crown. You’ll also need to keep the tooth moist. If it’s possible (and the child is old enough) you should keep the tooth moist in your cheek.

If that’s not possible, drop it in a glass of milk. I would like to suggest that you call the dentist’s office ahead of time. That way they can be prepared for your arrival.

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