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How do I know which denture implants to choose?

I’ve worn full upper and lower dentures since 2003. My jawbone is shrinking, and my dentist recommends implants. But my dentist would refer me to a periodontist for the implants. I thought about implants in the past, but now that my facial appearance is changing, I am considering them more seriously. I plan to finance the work and complete payments within two years. After researching all the options for denture implants like the snap-on denture, all on 4, all on 6, or implants with bone grafts, I am confused. Then I looked at prices online and found some dental tourism practices in Mexico (not my preference), Portugal, and Costa Rica that charge 40-50% less than the U.S. for denture implants. What can help me decide with denture implants to choose? – Thank you. Karson


Thank you for choosing our office for your question. Knowing which implant denture option to choose begins with a 3-D x-ray and exam. An implant dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist would need diagnostic studies before recommending options for stabilizing your dentures. Only then can you decide on a type of implant dentures.

How Do Implant Dentures Work?

Implant dentures work by support a full arch of teeth with dental implants. You will need at least two implants to keep a denture in place. But four to six implants will increase the stability. You can get implants for an upper or a lower denture—or both.

What Determines Your Choice of Implant Denture?

Several factors can determine your choice of implant denture, including:

  • The level of stability you want
  • Your jawbone quality and volume
  • Your oral and overall health
  • Your implant dentist’s skill, experience, and offerings
  • Your budget

Your implant dentist will explain the differences between types of implant dentures including:

  • Snap-on denture
  • Mini implants
  • All-on-4 dental implants
  • Fixed implant dentures
  • Removable implant dentures

What About Dental Tourism for Implants?

Before signing up for dental tourism for implants consider a few factors:

Implant denture - available in Salem, MA from Burba Dental
  • Dental implant standards vary among countries throughout the world
  • Think about how you could verify the credentials and experience of an implant dentist in another country
  • How does the foreign dental practice handle follow-up care?
  • What will you do if you experience complications?
  • Who will restore the implants with your final denture?
  • Have you considered all the financial costs involved with dental tourism?
  • How can you verify the reputation of a dental practice in another country?

The Academy of General Dentistry published an article on dental tourism that includes Center for Disease Control (CDC) reminders about what to research before seeking dental care outside of the United States. For each country and facility that you are considering for dental care, research the following:

  • Medications
  • Infection control
  • Antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Standards by which facilities are measure

Schedule Implant Denture Consultations

Before you choose a provider or a type of implant denture, schedule consultations with at least two skilled implants dentists with post-graduate implant training. Talk openly with the dentists about your options, concerns, and thoughts about dental tourism.

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