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Our Limited Warranty


Here at Burba Dental Partners, we are proud of the services and care we provide for our patients. We are concerned not only with your current dental problems but also your long-term dental health. We will provide you with treatment that is based on the most up-to-date research, the best skills, the best materials, and the best service. Also, you will be shown how to properly protect and care for your teeth and gums so you can avoid dental disease in the future. 

Together, we work to ensure that you not only maintain dental health, but also provide you with the opportunity to have a smile you will be proud to show the world. Given these goals, we at Burba Dental promise to stand behind our treatment and our services to the very best of our abilities. You, as the patient, will be expected to do your part by faithfully making and keeping follow-up care appointments at the interval recommended by Dr. Burba and our hygienist (two, three, four, or six months). We, in turn, will warranty the following list of treatments: 

  • Sealants: three years 
  • Composite fillings: three years 
  • Removable dentures and partial dentures: three years 
  • Crowns, bridges, onlays, and porcelain veneers: five years 

If any of the above treatments fail within the stated period, we will repair or replace these restorations provided the patient has faithfully maintained his or her personalized care schedule. This warranty does not include damage caused by trauma or obvious negligence by the patient. 

This warranty is null and void if the patient does not maintain the care schedule recommended by Dr. Burba and our hygienist or if the patient fails to utilize the procedures recommended by Dr. Burba for the care and protection of the above. 

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